FARMING – A Hinton Family Tradition

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It all began when Elton and Vera Hinton moved to Florida from Alabama with plans of opening an ice cream shop. However, as events unfolded it wasn’t an ice cream shop that they would be building as the family business, but instead a strawberry farm in the heart of Florida. During the early years of the farm, it was an “all hands on deck” situation. With Elton teaching agriculture at a local high school, the Hinton’s rallied together, and Vera, her four sons (Don, Wylie, Bob and Gary), and a few of Vera’s friends carried out the day-to-day responsibilities of the farm. As the farm and family grew over the years, one thing stayed the same, and that is that the farm remained the lifeblood of the Hinton family. With many of the sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Elton and Vera still working on the farm today, it is obvious that their move to Florida was the beginning of a truly grand adventure. Elton and Vera have both passed away, but their legacy still stands today. They taught their kids and grandkids the importance of being honest and fair and the value behind a hard day’s work and man’s handshake. All of those principles are still evident in the way the family runs the business today.